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The Window Puck (TM)


What is it?

Attach the Window Puck (TM) to the face of a window, turn-on its internal LED, and it will illuminate anything you write on the window using an off-the-shelf white or neon/fluorescent colored dry- or wet-erase marker. Want something more sophisticated? Create your own window cling films. Want more colors or brighter illumination? Add as many Window Pucks (TM) to the window as you like!

Alternatively, couple the optic to other refractive materials. As an example, flush mount the optic to the bottom of a boat (coupling the optic to a water-sealed glass lens that's in contact with the water) and illuminate the water parallel to the surface of the water. Just one optic provides a full 360 degrees of coverage!

Turn existing windows into edge-lit signs

For home or for business. Create light shows in shopping malls. Increase customer dwell time by drawing attention to storefront windows!

The hard part is done

An injection molded optic efficiently couples light into the window from any  LED mounted to the custom-designed heatsink. The optic and LED/heatsink just click together with magnets! Currently working with 10 watt LEDs!

Define your market, pick your manufacturing partners, sign up for a license

Three patents have already issued covering a variety of constructions.

US8,317,352; US8,727,581(*); US9,377,178; US10,048,424 (see, e.g. the broad coverage of Claim 27)

* injection molded optic currently available