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Neon Sign Styling at a Fraction of the Cost



The sign shown here was originally an edgelit EXIT sign before it was retrofitted with imagery styled after a traditional neon sign .

Why start with an EXIT sign?

The EXIT sign that was used for this photo, in single unit quantities, retails for $31, and that includes a battery-backup function that's no longer needed. 

Think of all the non-recurring costs that went into making the EXIT sign, and how that can be leveraged for its new purpose.

Some particulars, please

The sign that's shown measures about 11" tall by 14" wide by less than 2 1/2" in depth (excluding the top mounting plate). The active area of the Luminated Decal shown is 5 1/2" tall x 9 1/4" wide, while the visible area of the edgelit acrylic is about 6 1/2" x 11 1/2". The input power is rated 80-264 VAC @ 47-440 Hz, and can supply up to 5 watts of power to the LEDs, although the power consumption as shown is much less.

What types of imagery can be shown?

Due to its thick light guide, the imagery can be fairly detailed while maintaining acceptable light uniformity. In fact, many more neon sign details could be added if that's desired.