Full color 3D illusion lamps


What is this?

On the left is our first '3D illusion lamp'. You can see how traditional 'laser etched' 3D illusion lamps work by watching this video. The lamp on the left uses a Luminated Decal on a standard size acrylic plate (instead of the traditional laser etched acrylic plate) inserted into an off the shelf LED base.

Does it need to use decals?

No. The acrylic can be printed directly using any number of different printing techniques (inkjet, flexo, screen, etc).

How big?

The lamp shown on the left is about 8" high from the top of the basketball to the bottom of the base and about 6" at its widest point. The only fixed dimension is for the tab in order to keep it compatible with existing bases.

Are there uses other than 3D effects?

At a basic level, this is a low-cost sign. In fact, so many 3D illusion lamps have been produced that you can purchase the base from the OEM for under $5. Add to that the acrylic sheet (4mm thick), which runs about $2.50 per square foot for high quality material suitable for edge-lighting. Then print, cut to size, pack and ship.