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Luminated Bottle Labels


Get your product to stand out

The bottom photo emphasizes the myriad of choices when selecting a beverage, be it liquor store, supermarket, or bar. The top two photos (unretouched) show some name brand bottles filled with water (works the same with their native beverages). The leftmost bottle is a generic glass bottle. The next three (from left to right) are popular vodka, water, and tequilla bottles, respectively.  The topmost photo demonstrates the look without bottom illumination, and the middle photo shows the same setup with bottom illumination. 

Day/night visibility

Just like the Luminated Decals, these labels are visible in ambient lighting and with the supplemental bottom lighting.


All of the bottles shown use labels, but the technology works equally well if printed directly on the bottles. 

None of the bottles shown have labels on the back side (note that faint Fresnel-type image reflections can be seen from the far side of the middle two bottles). Note also that a contrasting label can be placed in contact with the backside of the bottle. Moreover, the brightness of the front label can be enhanced by adding reflective material on other portions of the bottle.


The liquid in the bottles acts like a light guide using the same principles explained elsewhere on this site. In the middle photo there is a low power LED light source under each bottle. The light travels vertically upward through the liquid, illuminating the graphic imagery on the outside of the bottle. These lighting systems are known as 'bottle glorifiers.'

While most any liquid will work, colorless liquids have the advantage of allowing the light to travel with higher intensity from the bottom of the bottle. Common examples of colorless liquids are water, vodka, gin, silver tequilla & white rum.

Third Party Technologies

Bottle illuminators (i.e. glorifiers) are readily available from 3rd parties (unafiliated with, nor endorsed by, Luminated Glazings).  For example there are stick-on portable glorifiers and shelf-based glorifiers.