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Light Guide Creations - Christmas decorations

Illuminated flat christmas tree decals

Let's start with Christmas

To the left is a Christmas tree made from a sheet of acrylic, a row of LEDs along the bottom, and some colorful Luminated Decals (see the Luminated Decals section for more information on light guide technology) for Christmas decorations . An artificial Christmas tree

with Christmas lights built into every ornament!

A new approach in decorating

Peel and stick the repositionable decals anywhere on the acrylic light guide to decorate your tree. Use erasable fluorescent markers to add even more colors to the decals (or directly on the acrylic). Make custom-printed decals for added personalization. Make hand-drawn ornaments to memorialize each year that goes-by. 

Easy to use and easy to store

Hang it on a wall since it's less than an inch thick! After the season is over, lift it off the wall and store it almost anywhere. The tree that's shown on the left is 25" x 34", so when it's boxed-up, it can fit your car (most cars can handle 40" wide boxes in the back seat).

Other holidays and the seasons

Luminate a home for Halloween, Easter, Valentine's Day, etc., with holiday-specific acrylic light guide shapes.  How about seasonal-specific shapes? Perhaps a tree and colorful leaves for the fall to luminate a classroom? That was too simple - any other ideas? 

Other options

Light guide creations can also be custom-printed with graphics for a permanent display, or Luminated Decals can be used in addition to the printed graphics. Moreover, the LED strip can be reused by removing the acrylic light guide and inserting a new one. Add rechargeable batteries if the sight of a power cord makes a difference. Hey, synchronize the flashing of the lights of multiple light guide creations to make your own light show (or course coordinated with music). 

Indoors & Outdoors

The technology is simply not limited to indoor applications.